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Windows USB/DVD Download Tool (217012)
Windows USB/DVD Download Tool allow you to easily create bootable DVD or USB Keys for Windows 7/8 installation from the ISO file downloaded from Mi...

Python Tools for Visual Studio (64212)
PTVS is a free & OSS add-in from Microsoft that turns VS into a Python IDE. It supports CPython, IronPython, Intellisense, debugging, profiling, A...

Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Wi... (39332)
The original, open source Wifi Hotspot for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012!

Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples:... (24171)
This project contains Database samples released with Microsoft SQL Server product.

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SSIS Unit & Integration Test Samples

release: SsisTester - May 26, 2015
*support for complex scenarios where a package is executed by a script task from another package. An example of such a scenarion is described here:...

Bills Manager

release: Bills Manager 35698 - May 26, 2015
Many improvements and bug fixes. Change set here.


release: WordMat Mac v. 1.04 - May 26, 2015
- Several bugs removed

Helpfile 200

release: Logger32 Helpfile Ver 200_055 - May 26, 2015
Power SDR, Yaesu General and Yaesu FT-100 added. Hot Keys updated.

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Record your screen, edit and save as a Gif animation!

MixERP - Open Source ERP
Not expecting much from an open source ERP? In fact, you should! See the demo to find out why MixERP might be a good choice for you? You deci...

URF - Unit of Work & (extensible/generic) Repositories Framework
Stop creating a repository for every single entity in your domain layer with this generic Unit of Work and Repository Framework!

DotSpatial is an open source project focused on developing a core set of GIS and mapping libraries that live together harmoniously in the DotSpatia...

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