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Windows USB/DVD Download Tool (220215)
Windows USB/DVD Download Tool allow you to easily create bootable DVD or USB Keys for Windows 7/8 installation from the ISO file downloaded from Mi...

Python Tools for Visual Studio (68297)
PTVS is a free & OSS add-in from Microsoft that turns VS into a Python IDE. It supports CPython, IronPython, Intellisense, debugging, profiling, A...

Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Wi... (43862)
The original, open source Wifi Hotspot for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012!

Microsoft SQL Server Product Samples:... (26153)
This project contains Database samples released with Microsoft SQL Server product.

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CS-Script Source

release: Release v3.9.8.0 - Apr 25, 2015
cs-script.7z - CS-Script Suite (binaries, documentation, samples) cs-script.ExtensionPack.7z - CS-Script Extension Pack (additional binaries and s...

RaptorDB - The Document Store

release: v3.2.10 - Apr 24, 2015
v3.2.10 - renamed Form1 to frmMain - added sortable fulltext indexes - fixed path names for linux systems - changed default save and free memory ti...

Wix# (WixSharp) - managed interface f...

release: Release v1.0.16.0 - Apr 24, 2015
Issue #24: AbsolutePath and RelativePath error Issue #25: Problem with files starting with a numeric value (issue with version 15) Issue #26: S...

What to develop

release: v4.0.2 - Apr 24, 2015

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top followed projects

Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET

An open source disk encryption tool with strong security for the Paranoid

patterns & practices: Prism
Prism provides guidance to design and build rich, flexible, and easy-to-maintain Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight.

ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit
The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is a classic set of ASP.NET WebForms extensions that helps you build ASN.NET websites.

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