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Daniel Balaš is currently graduate student at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. He already got bachelor degree on same university. He is interested in theoretical computer science, programming languages, software systems and 3D graphics.

Brom C., Holan T., Balaš D., Abonyi A., Sisler V., Galamboš L.: Petri Nets for Representing Stotry Plots in Serious Games. (Louchart, S., Robertson, J., eds) Special Edition of the Artificial Intelligence and the Simulation of Behaviour Journal - AI and narrative games (accepted)
Daniel Balaš: Drama manager by means of Petri Nets - integration. Bachelor Thesis (in Czech). Department of Software and Computer Science Education, Charles University. 2008.
Balas D., Brom C., Abonyi A., Gemrot J.: Hierarchical Petri Nets for Story Plots Featuring Virtual Humans. Proceedings of Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment 2008, pages 2-9, Stanford, California, USA.
Jakub Míšek, Daniel Balaš, Filip Zavoral: Phalanger IntelliSense: Syntactic and Semantic Prediction, to appear in Informačné technológie - Aplikácia a Teória, ITAT 2009
Abonyi Adam, Balaš Daniel, Beňo Miloslav, Míšek Jakub, Zavoral Filip: Phalanger Improvements, Technical report 2009/5, Department of Software Engineering, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague, 2009

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