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For almost 10 years he employed me, the best example of a man I ever met, CEO and founder of his own manufacturing, distribution and sales corporation. Greatly successful in all, using the best tools to deliver the best results. To work in this company was an honor and a privilege. Not just that I was paid well to challenge myself in cutting edge world changing technologies, but that on the human side, the side you won't see on any HR form or employee manual, was at the very core of everything we did. The concept of human value never left the table. No shareholders to set goals, never a dishonest approach, and we all felt intrinsic to the final results. Loving a job, I guess as falling in love at all, is unexpected, but undeniably becomes cherished jewels in life.

This boss of ours, at a very important company event, with passion and intent to motivate said to the entire company that, (please forgive should I misquote) we each, individually and together, need to work ourselves out of our jobs!

Those were the wisest motivational words regarding any profession I have heard. Measured wise by the long lasting effect and truth that unraveled. All of us that followed this inspiration, more so a directive, were rewarded with huge personal growth. Through innovation and automation both technological and human, with total financial investment backing of our debt free CEO, we transcended our current skills into ever-upgraded versions of our work, and our careers. We had direction over our own destinies through how we each chose our approach to working ourselves out of our jobs. We all climbed ever higher with new goals and new objectives bringing new opportunities and new challenges. My dream job was one that was ever changing and challenging. My job lasted 10 years, but the benefits are forever lasting.

Those words consequently have remained with me, and as a daily overall goal in my work. How I go about my day, my work, echoes that idea of ever improving efficiency and the ever present opportunity for beneficial change. The rewards are grand. To keep growing we need to keep moving, away from the unnecessary tasks and repetitiveness, and away from anything personally restraining. Working towards that on a daily basis, through various innovation methods, reaps the rewards of a dream job where every day is a new day. A job where every accomplishment brings more new hopes farther reaching all the time. "Work yourself out of your job." Sounds scary, but it means happiness and prosperity.

This project attempts to embody the ideals of automation for business and personal growth. I therefore dedicate these projects and the benefit they may bring, to my old boss, the best leader I have ever met.


Alek Mayer Kirstein

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