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I've been working with computers my entire life, almost, to the point where I was learning languages such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS (possibly HTML5 and CSS3) and had no idea at the time that I was picking any of it up at all until I joined Coderbits back in February.

That month was a turning point for me after my sister suggested I begin to learn programming in earnest. Afterward, I joined both Treehouse and, especially, Code School to learn - so far:
  • A beginner's level of Ruby
  • Intermediate Git
  • Further CSS
  • Further Javascript

From what I've experienced, Treehouse and Code School have a tendency to compliment one another. Each might cover something the other didn't cover in enough detail.

Either way, between both and more, I'm fairly certain I'll get a very well-rounded programming education on top of what I was able to teach myself at Livejournal.

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