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At work my focus is on databases and stored procedures.
Scripting languages like Python and since last year PowerShell became more than a personal enjoyment. One of the long run targets are tools which help me transform T-SQL into PL/SQL. In spite of my educations as mathematician I use mostly pragmatic and heuristic technics and no syntax parsing.
Currently my pool of Python is in 2.5. Switching to 2.6 show a remarkable performance decrease (in fact that is based of internal changes towards unicode). Working in a Microsoft-Windows environment its charming to recycle my pool of regular expressions within PowerShell and not try to optimize it for Python 3.0 (sorry Python 3.0 came too late for me).
Currently the ISE-Custommenu opens wide possibilities to use ISE for unpredicted tasks like modification of SQL scripts and the situation is open enough to influence something.
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