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I've been working with SQL Server since version 1.1, back when Msft and Sybase married. I have worked with every version since. I really enjoy the SQL Server engine and, after nearly 20 years with it, still learn new things. I read every thing Itzik Ben-Gan writes & I run my shop using Kimball's methodoligies.

This project was developed because I needed a fast ETL process that didn't eat my yearly buget in licensing fees. I worked with an on-site vendor, Mark Cockerham, and together we cooked up DDS.

In my years of working with SQL Server I have found SSIS to be the fastest tool for moving data (so long as you don't transform). But the problem with SSIS is the maintenace overhead. It's a pain to manage 300 objects in 1 or more packages. DDS gives you the ease of maintenace with the speed of SSIS. The real power of DDS is in large partitioned tables. If you can partition your data then DDS will be a great benefit.

The future of DDS will have a web UI. I hope to have a beta out by the end of calendar 2012.

I hope DDS improves your ETL processing. If you make improvements then please let me know & I will incorporate into the source.

(the pic is a 125 lbs blue marlin caught in the Sea of Cortez in April 2008)

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