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Hi my name is Chris Rickard. I'm a professional software engineer who occasionally dabbles in open source. (I usually take more than I give). If you ever want to contact me feel free:

Me and ScintillaNET
I've been working with ScintillaNET for a while now and I officially joined the ScintillaNET project when it moved here to Codeplex in early October '06. My main goals with ScintillaNET are:

Commercial quality and reputation. I want this to be the first thing developers think of when it comes to .NET text editing, not just open source .NET text editing or free .NET text editing.
Extras that set this a part from Scintilla: A not-so flat API that is very intuitive for .NET developers. Text editing features that are made easier to develop using .NET that aren't supplied natively by Scintilla.

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