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I have been Programming since I was 8, well at least that was what I thought, I actually was talking about my early programming experiences recently and realized that I had my first experiences in programming with LOGO around K4-3rd grade and with Robot Odyssey on my home Apple II-E.

I work professionally in C/C++, Python, C#, VB6(VBScript/WScript), VB.Net, Java, SQL(T-SQL, Oracle, MySql), ECMAScript/JavaScript/ActionScript/JScript, ECMAScript(E4X), Flex, XPath/XSLT,
HTML/XML/XHTML, and CSS. I'm learning: Haskell, Lisp, and Scheme. I speak: English(my native tongue), Spanish, and Italian. I am learning Mandarin, so if anyone needs anything translated, just contact me.

Check out my multicore processing library. It is coded in C# and helps you write elegant programs that will be able to run faster on computers with more than one core.

I care deeply about open technology, and its benefit to the community. I also am a web standards evangelist.

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