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David for the past 10 years has focused on distributed application design and emerging Microsoft technologies on the web. Having helped design and build some of the largest systems for companies like Microsoft, Onyx Software, Saltmine, Giordanous Group, IdentityMine and more he has been on the leading edge of applying the latest tech to real world business problems. David's technology breadth includes everything from SQL Server to Windows/WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) and Silverlight. David's accomplishments also include developing new technologies such as self editing XML files and related XML technologies to fuzzy logic systems and advanced web user interface design. As to Silverlight in particular David built some of the core Popfly blocks in Silverlight and built many more Silverlight applications including Chart Controls, media players, multiple Silverlight Hacks and was part of the team that built the Entertainment tonight Emmy site in Silverlight and was the lead on the Silverlight Crossfader.com community site and built the Silverlight demo for BG’s TechEd 08 keynote.

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