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I was born in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais – Brazil. A middle sized city 400 km away from São Paulo and 500 km from Rio de Janeiro.

Poços is one of the best Brazilian cities to live in. It is widely known for its water fountains, agricultural and industrial production, specially daily products. The city has extensive mineral reserves, mainly bauxite and uranium.

My interest in physics began when I was in high school. In the first year of high school I demonstrated great skill in physics and mathematics, which caught the attention of my teachers. Due to their invitation, I participated in the Brazilian Physics Olympiad, held by the Brazilian Society of Physics.

I obtained good results in this Olympiad. Due to this achievement, I was invited to study at one of the best high schools in the region with a full scholarship. In the second and third years of high school again I participated in the Olympiad in physics achieving silver medals in both years.

At the end of high school I was sure of my future as a physicist. After it I was accepted as an undergraduate physics studies at the University of Campinas, one of the best ranked Brazilian universities.

I came across several possibilities during my undergraduate. I worked with classical mechanics and electromagnetism during the first half of my undergraduate and with computer simulations, programming, image processing and radiation interaction, detection and protection during the last part.​

During this period, I attended several national conferences, presenting these works. I even publishing papers in scientific journals, among them the American Journal of Physics.

In my final year at Unicamp I took an internship at the Center for Biomedical Engineering (CEB) of my University. My internship project was to develop a quality control software for medical imaging. This task required much effort and expertise in various areas, especially in programming languages (C, C and C #), physics and mathematics. Many of the required knowledge went far beyond what I had obtained during my studies until that moment. This lack of specific knowledge forced me to improve my skills even more in order to obtain this desired knowledge.

This research stage included the participation in activities within the hospital environment. These activities enriched me as a professional able to work with other professionals in related fields. I also obtained the experience of interacting with medical standards and protocols.

After completing my undergraduate studies I joined Accenture. I worked as a software developer at the risk management work force in Rio de Janeiro. This experience was marvelous to me because I had the opportunity to acquire practice experience working in a software industry, learning good software practices and working in multicultural group.

In 2011 I received an offer to join Kaust, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia as a graduate student. One of the most exciting events in my carrier, joining a university designed to be groundbreaking, changing the way of doing science, the local culture and economy. This provided outstanding opportunities ranging from technical development to human skills.

At kaust my focus was geophysical imaging techniques, forward modeling, inverse problems, reservoir modeling and history matching. I my thesis I dealt with the history matching of time-lapse seismic data attributes using the Ensemble Kalman Filter.

I'm currently working at Saudi Aramco, the largest oil company in the planet. I'm currently working in integrated reservoir studies in the gas simulation unit. My responsibilities are: Quality control of the geological model, history matching, uncertainty assessment and investigation of automated history matching techniques.

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