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30 years of programming with Microsoft systems...

I started with XENIX, then when Microsoft was doing OS/2 I did OS/2, then came all flavors of Windows from 16 bit, NT, XP and modern client and server versions of Windows, not forgetting Windows CE branch.

Nearly during the whole life span of COM (1993-2001) I did COM, MTS and COM+ then came .Net and since I have almost exclusively done .Net.

I was one of the founders of Winwise a consulting, programming, and training firm based in Paris dedicated to Microsoft Technology.

After a few decades of programming, consulting, and designing IT systems and applications one notices the invariants. Separating the the invariant from the business dependent pieces is not a simple task and most mainstream tools and methodologies don’t address this issue.

In 2007 with my associate we realized that separating Technological concerns from Business needs was within reach of .Net and Web technologies, we founded Aspectize and 3 years later we have our product and methodology ready for use.

Our approach eliminates 95% of common boilerplate code used for communicating, displaying and storing Data across machines, thus enabling :
- experienced developers and/or architects to concentrate their know how on more valuable business oriented tasks such as design of data structures, design of data flow and design of user experience.
- younger developers to participate more rapidly and efficiently in producing value.
- very lean and change oriented style of development and design.

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