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John Bevan


I work full time as a developer maintaining an ERP for an advertising company. In my spare time I like to knock up little scripts, macros, sites and programs which may be of use to other people. Nothing loaded here is particularly exciting in terms of showing off clever workarounds or showing beautiful code, but hopefully some of this stuff will be useful to someone.


  • C#
  • Java
  • SQL / T-SQL (sql server) / PL-SQL (oracle)
  • HTML / XML / XHTML / DHTML / CAML / etc
  • JavaScript / ECMAScript / JScript
  • JDE Script (bespoke language for JD Edwards OneWorld / PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne)
  • VB 6
  • VB.Net
  • C++
  • Prolog
  • ADA 95
  • QBasic 4.5
  • SAS
  • Python (learning)
  • Boo (learning)


Aside from developing, my interests include. . .
  • Music (listening to all kinds of music & playing bass trombone for most styles)
  • Cooking (both actual cooking and eating)
  • Climbing & bouldering
  • Tennis & badminton (maybe to include squash soon - there's been talk of taking this up for a few years now)
  • Skiing and snowboarding (I've done 6 days of 1 and 1 day of the other, so now consider myself a true pro)
  • Psychology (Derren-Brownesque stuff)
  • Socialising (pub quizzes, house parties, dinner parties, bbqs, real ale festivals, gigs, and any other combination of friends and alcohol).

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