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ZZZ Projects is an innovative company who offer unique product such as enhancing the performance optimization of a database by using bulk operation features and adding missing functionality for SQL and Microsoft .NET Framework.

Product are always coded to be fast, flexible and in reliable manner to ensure maintaining the data integrity within the database.

They are extremely helpful for developer and data administrators, who need to regularly perform bulk insert or other similar operations efficiently without compromising the accuracy of stored data at any level.
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.NET Entity Framework Extensions

Bulk SaveChanges, Bulk Insert, Bulk Update, Bulk Delete, Bulk Merge, UpdateFromQuery and DeleteFromQuery using your dbcontext.
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.NET Bulk Operations

High performance Bulk Insert, Update, Delete and Merge with any kind of datasource and hundreds of flexible features
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SQL DBA Code Control

Innovative application tracking all schema changes in database (who, what and when), sending alert to DBA, with live publication in web dashboard and source control.
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.NET Extension Methods

Free and open source library with over 1000 helper and utility methods coded in C# and VB.NET. Five different architecture available.
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.NET Runtime Compiler

Eval and Compile dynamically any C# code at runtime using expression tree.
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Write and run .net code directly in SQL stored procedures without deploying assembly. SQL CLR alternative.
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