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Specialises in providing Business Intelligence solutions using the Microsoft BI Stack of SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power Pivot, SharePoint including Performance Point for Dashboards and Portals. This includes setting up the architecture for clients with data sets consisting of 6 million new records per day being added to a 2 billion single fact table using partitioning, specifying BI servers and training of permanent staff for effective hand over. Demonstrated the ability to further customize the MS BI stack using, ASP.NET,C#, VB and XML according to business rules. Performance Optimisation techniques employed on site include the following; -
KIS; - Perform data transformation as early in the life cycle as possible.
SSIS; - caching lookups, fast load for native to native ETL. Perform as much of the calculations and data transformation in SSIS as possible.
SSDB; - Partitioning the data warehouse fact tables by date period, typically one partition per month depending on the size of the data set, indexing strategy, using the simplest data types to meet given business rules, make best endeavours to implement star schemas.
Implement staging areas to trouble shoot data flow, data life cycle. Although no need to implement staging area for tables which have no transformation.
SSAS; - Multi-level hierarchies within attribute relationships, this should include several levels for most large NHS data sets, use of aggregation wizard, usage based optimisation wizard, partitioning for the cube data mapped to SSDB data warehouse. Only create calculated members for business rules which cannot easily be applied to the data warehouse such as running total cost of Outpatient care. Make best endeavours to implement only regular relationships within usage dimension tab this will be easy to do where cube is based on star schema.
SSRS; - Snap shot of commonly accessed reports. Avoid any calculation or manipulation of data in the presentation layer where possible.

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