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The more I think about Umbraco the more possibilities I see. We use it is a few projects I work on.

I'm no C# guy though have db experience and can see lots to do on umbraco but where to find the time??

New DB Schema?
Still my intentions are good. If there are any C# developers out there who want to blitz the db + DAC drop me a mail. I can do some db schema if someone else codes the DAC.

I'm thinking start off slow i.e. things that can be done quick and be implemented easily.. e.g.

Sort out
  • Logging (inefficient data types)
  • Stats (inefficient data types normalisation some useful reports)
  • Version control (inefficient data types normalisation constraints)
  • Custom data types
  • The core of it (node tree, content types).. data types normalisation constraints some nice stored procedure/functions for recursion etc.

  • Members, groups and member data
*I say perhaps because i'm not too sure as to the future of this in umbraco). If v4 allows integration of third party usermanagement dbs etc..

Why do I want to do this?
Because i'm sad :-) No efficiency + scalability really.

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