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I'm a passionate about SQL Server, particularly about T-SQL programming and querying. I'm working with SQL Server since its very beginnings on OS/2 and Windows. With SQL2005 it became possible to begin to do great things with the database engine and since then I still find new tricks to make T-SQL easier to use and more powerful.

I've been SQL DBA since the introduction of SQL Server 4.2. Since version 2005, dynamic T-SQL programming became very powerful because of the Nvarchar(max) datatype. For those who are interested about clear T-SQL coding practices, this project is by itself the best coding practices we found since SQL2005 Nvarchar(max) datatype.

I became more experimented in T-SQL coding when I had to write generic stored procedures to migrate SQL2000 database objects, data and security to SQL2005 databases. This migration had to change database collation and turn all char datatypes to their Unicode equivalent. This large procedure was scripting internally tables, views, index, constraints and insert / select statements to apply them to the new SQL2005 database. Data was migrated from SQL2000 restored database to an SQL2005 instance. Data transfer between databases was done using generated insert from select statements. Then SQL code objects were also converted to use unicode datatypes, and recreated into the SQL2005 database. This means to convert declaration of variables and columns in temporary tables.
All this was written in SQL2005 T-SQL and my assumption is that it was as much readable, as any other equivalent attempt in other languages. From this point that I realized that T-SQL could go a long way to automate maintenance. Aside of that I realized that some of our customer had no experimented DBA to manage our applications' databases. Best maintenance practices that we taught where not always followed. I told myself that if I know the receipt of good maintenance, why not automate it. It would be much easier than teach it. This is where the history of YourSqlDba began. Actually we are a team of three co-workers at our company who maintains and enhances the product. At our company we realized that the investment worth the advantages of having our customer data automatically protected and optimized, as saving in support costs.

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