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Michael E. Legatt is the principal human factors engineer for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which manages the flow of electricity to over 25 million Texas customers (90% of Texas’ load), with over 15 GW of renewables. Dr. Legatt has been a programmer for over 20 years, and worked in the energy, financial, medical, neuroscience research and educational sectors.

Michael has a Ph.D. in clinical health psychology/neuropsychology from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in energy systems engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Michael researches the behavioral aspects of consumer electric use, electric vehicle to grid integration, behavioral aspects of conservation and consumer awareness in grid management, and the cybersecurity, behavioral, and reliability issues that arise with integration of new technologies across layers of the grid. He is ERCOT’s lead on a collaborative project with the University of Texas at Austin, EV-TEC and the Pecan Street Project to study integrating electric vehicle charging and driver behavioral patterns with the bulk electric system. This research project looks at the viability of EVs to intelligently charge in a distributed fashion and provide ancillary services.

Michael’s software powers Advanced Fusion Systems’ testing facility, which is involved in the protection of the power grid from geomagnetically induced pulses arising from solar storms, advanced environmental remediation systems and fusion power generation systems.

Michael's software powers Lightstone Capital's quantitative equity analysis and selection process, including Mizan, the highest performing US Shariah-compliant investment fund, and recipient of Morningstar's highest five-star rating. This software and LCM's intellectual property has been acquired by Arabesque Asset Management, an ESG-Quant Fund (environment, social, and governance) which looks globally at the highest performing and lowest risk ESG stocks.

As an amateur (ham) radio operator, Michael received a commendation for helping to provide emergency communications during the 2003 blackout in the northeastern United States, which sparked his interest in the psychology of energy management. He works to support the growth of the industry’s high-reliability organizational culture, and to reduce human error by helping to optimize human-computer interactions, supporting improved situation awareness, decision support, processing speed, and stress management.

At ERCOT, his development of the Macomber Map® has been featured in The New York Times, National Public Radio, Forbes and T&D World. The Macomber Map was credited as being instrumental in helping ERCOT operators maintain grid reliability during several record-setting wind generation levels since 2010, and through several severe weather events since 2009.

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