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February 2005 – today
INTELBRAIN © Software Development - Informational Systems –
Thessaloniki Greece – Tel. +30 2311 247 909
Owner – Managing Director of my personal, private Informational System Company (Software House).
No. of Personnel Employed: five (5): 3-4 as External Co-Operators and 1-2 on payroll
Products / Services:
  • Applications – Software Development
  • Kiosks Commerce Manager
  • Materials managements – evaluator - Warehouse Management – Outsourcing Accounting – Cheques management – Suppliers / Customers management – Market Researcher – Petty cash – Wholesale / Retail Sales
  • EXTREME SYSTEM (for video clubs)
  • OFFERER (for Kitchen / Bath / Furniture Showrooms)
  • WAREHOUSER (warehouse management)
  • Technical Support
  • Web Development
  • Industrial Automations
  • PC Sales / Support
  • Informational Systems Surveys
  • Informational Systems Installations / Support

January 2003 – January 2005
Occupied in private construction works.

November 2000 – December 2002
SABAFON GSM – The Yemeni GSM Operator for Mobile Telephony
Sana’a – Yemen – Tel. 00 967 1 40 00 01, 00 967 71 111 000
For the first time, I joined the GSM community. I have been selected and sent by OTE’s HELLASCOM (Greece), major shareholder in this joint venture of ORASCOM Telecom (Egypt) and AL-AHMAR Group.
I have been appointed as IT Senior Applications Manager in the IT Dpt.
We had to start the whole operation from scratch. In 4 months time (Feb. 2002), we launched SABAFON’s GSM network in Yemen, and continued with continuous network expansion, being the leading GSM operator in Yemen Republic.
At the end of the 1st operation year we reached 60,000 active subscribers, reaching on Dec. 2002, 190,000 subscribers.
SABAFON at that time employed around 250 employees, currently around 500 employees.
From Nov. 2000 till Dec. 2001 I built up, organised and managed the IT Applications Dpt.:
Responsibilities – Achievements:
  • Personnel Recruitment
  • Internal Department’s organisation (procedures, business cycles)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to external serviced Dpts (Customer Care, Sales, Technical)
  • In-house Applications designed, authored, implemented: Cashier, Personnel Presences, POS & Merchandising Application, Stock Control System, Numbers Allocation, Sites Alerts, Sales & Deliveries, Roaming Database, Subsidies, Billing Contacts, Scratcher and submitted them to successful operation.
  • Billing Database (PROTEK’s Flagship v.2.6 on ORACLE v.8.1.7) Administration – Customisation (Support to IT Billing Dpt.)
  • Market researches Authoring / Conducting - Technical Evaluations in major company's bids: (Headquarters Advanced Level 3 Network LAN (500 users , ORACLE Financials ERP System (Newtek), Security System.
  • IT Operations Support (COMPAQ Alpha DS-20E H/W maintenance, LAN/WAN Support, maintenance, upgrades)
  • Informational Systems Inter/Cross Bridging Interfaces (Study-Design-Customisation-Implementation)
  • Business Procedures – Policies Authoring
  • Inventory Control / Stock Management Design & System Implementation (Procedures and Administration, Asset Tagging Management & Administration)

Jan. 2002 - Apr. 2002 - Appointment to Interim IT Director
Responsibilities – Achievements:
  • Managing 4 (four) IT Departments (Billing, Support, Operations, Applications) – total of 40 personnel
  • Servicing and supporting all Dpts of the GSM operator
  • LAN – Country WAN of 15 remote POSs (60 users)
  • Subscribers Bills Printing – Interconnect – Revenue – Roaming – International Clearing House reports - Maintaining the Billing System (PROTEK’s Flagship v.2.6 on ORACLE v.8.1.7) of the GSM Operator
  • Distributors Informational Systems Feedback – Support
  • Supporting approx. 500 Information Security Systems’ users in the capital (Sana’a) and 15 peripheral cities/towns
  • Informational Systems Security
  • Customer Care Dpt. Procedures business performance – Servicing - Collaboration
  • Sales Dpt. Procedures business performance – Servicing - Collaboration
  • Purchase & Procurement Cycles
  • Budgeting – Expenditures Projections

Jan. 2002 - June 2002 - Building Responsible appointed by Sheikh Hameed Al-Ahmar, SABAFON’s Chairman, for:
Building's Administration Completion
Projects / Successful Completion:
o HQ Dpts (Sections) Civil Works Completion
o Building’s Backyard Power Station (Generators)
o Building's Security System (I was the Project Manager of this project)
o UPS Battery Room
o Building’s Transformer Room
o Building’s Electrical Room
o Building’s UPS Room (MGE 200 KVS Galaxy)
o Building’s ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) System

May 2002 - Dec. 2002 - Formal Promotion / Pronunciation to IT Senior Department Manager - Head of IT Dpt.
All Above Responsibilities – Achievements

Projects Managementship – Committees’ Membership
  • Board of Directors’ member (IT Head)
  • Oracle Financials (v.11i) ERP Steering Committee Member
  • Corporate’s Security Officer
  • Technical Committee’s member
  • Technical Advisor to Top Management

References can be obtained from: 1. Mrs Shuhd Basahi (HR Director) - Tel. +967 71 593 600

August 1997 – July 2000
31, I. Gogousi Street, Thessaloniki, Greece
I was the General EDP/I.T. Manager in this large multi-national tobacco industry which employed about 10.000 personnel, worldwide. The areas of my responsibilities were widespread and large. I was monitoring, controlled and was responsible for the computerised organisation, maintenance and expansion of a total of 10 factory plants (3 of them in Greece and the rest abroad), as well as the Headquarters (HQ). The total of users/terminals which my Department supported is 160, networked in 15 local LANs and linked up with the HQ with dial-up connections throughout the whole Group. I was the Manager of a total 5 colleagues in my Dpt. I personally installed NT networks in all the Group factories abroad in the following countries: FYROM, Bulgaria, Rumania, Slovakia, Lecce Italy, Ambra-Florence Italy and Ismir Turkey, as well as respective INFORMIX-based client-server applications. For a number of years, I was extensively involved in implementing heavy-industry barcode-based applications. All the systems that I have designed and implemented, functioned with success and aided in the more correct product monitoring.
I took over the installation, customisation, implementation, on-site technical support of a large financial package of one of the largest Greek software houses, INFORMER, the so-called IFS and a second Fixed Assets application, controlling the implementation against the initial analysis. I got an extensive practice and experience in the following administration financial tasks: Opening Accounting Accounts, Costing Centres, Projects, Reproduction/Spreading Rules, a yearly based greek Financial list submission called MYF (Suppliers), Financial Year Closing procedures, Outstanding Balances Transfers to the next financial year, database maintenance and optimisation, and in general, all the computerised tasks in which an Computerised-based Accounting/Financial system Administrator is involved in.
During a large period of time, I dynamically involved into the tobacco manipulation process, applied automated procedures and implemented automated production systems in the tobacco receivement, computerised control of inner-company raw material transportations that covered almost the whole geographical areas of Greece (120 warehouses all over Greece), product processing/manipulation within the industrial plants, as well as, raw materials and ready product warehousing.
During my employment, I managed to substitute many non-computerised procedures with computerised resulting in labor costs cut-downs and time efficiencies.
On a daily basis, I was on regular contact and successfully cooperated with a large number of colleagues, dealing with a large variety of problems, providing immediate technical, organisational and administration solutions and guidelines, in Greece and abroad.
I gained large experience in Barcode-based Personnel presences monitoring system.
The platforms that I worked on and developed professional industrial tools are the following: SCO UNIXWARE v.7.1 and v.7.1.1, UNIX System V Releases from 3 up to 4.3, INFORMIX RDBS v.6.x and v.7.x, INGRES in HP-UX 9000, SQL Server v.6.5 and v.7.0, POWERBUILDER v.5.x and v.6.x, NOVELL v.4.x, and v.5.0, NT Server v.4.0, BACKOFFICE v.4.0, C, C++, Microsoft Access 97, cord/cordless telecommunication systems in WAN, LINUX O.S. and many others.
For large times periods I installed and maintained numerous client-server applications in Microsoft Access 97 with SQL Server v.7.0 and I have gained extensive experience in all administrative levels of SQL Server v.7.0.
Until a certain time, on behalf of the Company, I was responsible for the analysis, support and implementation take-over of the ERP system of COMPUTER LOGIC (OMEGA TECHNOLOGY): I was in close co-operation with company’s General Project Manager, I was attending meetings with the C.L.’s analysts, I was studied and controlling the ERP’s modules (Financial, Human Resources, Production Control and Costing, Treasury, Commercial modules)
References can be obtained from: 1. Mr. Aris Hatzistefanou (Head of the Treasury Department)
Tel. +30 6946 280 020
2. Mr. Kostas Tsaparas (Balkanian Factories General Manager)
Tel. +30 6937 177 319

May 1997 - August 1997
MICRO – PCs Retailers
62, Dim. Gounari Street
I worked as a Computer Technician in PC assembly/disassembly and PC maintenance, service.

March 1997 - April 1997
25th Martiou Str. Thessaloniki Greece
I have been employed as a programmer in OPL in the above company that is selling professional portable terminals - which were running customised applications,

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