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Windows and Android enthusiast. From Montreal Canada new and motivated beginner eager to learn and experience the programming world. Hello EEVERYONE!! My name is Douglas Sheehan and I've been stuck in the same "Dev mode" since I signed up for the Development Program on "November 11/18/2015 Windows and Windows Phone Annual Developer Registration". It has taken me this long to start this project because at first I thought I was being "Hacked" not really understanding what I had signed and agreed to. I am not a developer and I have recently begun with the "beginner's" courses at (Microsoft's Virtual Academy staring the very talented teacher MR. Bob Tabor's class "C# Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners"). I am able to "get around and tinker a little bit with policies and the registry but very new to using Visual Studio Community and creating "Code". I'm creating a project where I will be attempting to demonstrate "downgrading" my Windows 10 Pro "Dev mode" environment back to Windows 8.1 in a "Clean slate mode". To be able to do this I will need to export and extremely modify my present registry and also create and export the directory and policies so that the Windows 8.1 environment will be in a "normal" mode. I'm going to prove that anyone with the right "backings" (Microsoft and Partners and a whole lotta Google search) is able to learn and begin "Coding" and understanding the basic fundamentals of development and programing. Now you may be wondering why C#!? I had looked at other programming languages but was only really able to actually read and sort of understand the code C# without ever using it and a couple days ago I found the configurations of the "Game" that is set in my computer and it "hit me like a ton of bricks"; That Windows is in its simplest form a C# program. You start with the class registry-"Operand" which is how MR. Bob Tabor explained is a "Noun" in a broad definition. Now typically we give the Names and define the Values our selves. Putting it mildly is how we create the beginning of Windows in its registry. Now we have another Class the "Drivers" and the "Hardware" is like the Operators which are closely related to being a verb that is carrying out our defenitions that we have inputed in the registry. I will also be taking and following numerous other "Microsoft Virtual Classes" to be able to have a fundamental understanding of Network and Security of a normal everyday Windows environment. I will share all my notes and experiences as I go through this in the hopes that I too will inspire and hopefully help another person to get where they want to go in they're life. I will also share every link and or bit of information that I will gather!

So to begin my project I will start implementing in my own present environment the security, policies and directories that will allow me to get a "Clean slate" so to speak and will be using the wixtoolset (I haven't installed or ever used) to create my Windows image. From my understanding the Windows development is a "Binary bound" and will stay with me until I complete my project or remove the "Dev liscence" from my outlook account. Now I'm sure that the latter would be the most simplest of ways to solve my connomdrum but I have been bitten by the "Programming" bug so to speak and will be hopefully contuing my experience and aspiring to be able to achieve my ultimate goal which would be finding a placement in the domain. So that is it for my first session and hope to communicate with the existing "Codeplex" community and furthering this "Ride of my life" :)

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