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I am 36, have been a Professional Developer / IT Manager for the past 16 years. I have a Masters degree in Information Systems, have several Management certificates, a Diploma in Information Systems and Currently am studying 3D Graphics Game Engine Design through the Game Institute.

I am currently employed as part of Senior Exco Management for a Financial Institutuion company in South Africa as Chief Architect and Head of IT Development, where my time is spent designing enterprise level system in .NET pushing the envelope on what is capable with web based solutions.

My love however is writing games, and have been since I was 11 and had my first ZX Spectrum (As I guese all of us have been). I have been writing game engines for the last 10 years but never took it further than just getting the engine to work and really testing technologies and ideas.

That is why I am opening my current engine to people that are passionate about developing a 3D Engine in the same standard as the major systems out there, and don't want to see this one go to waste as I have the others.

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