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I think and act holistically, with deep functional, technical, and social/cultural expertise, and have a diverse managerial, analytical, architectural, and technical background in many business areas and types of organizations, over my 40+ years of professional experience. I created the 2016 Patent Pending knowledge-worker capability called General Endeavor Management (GEM), providing a generalized intelligence and operations-lifecycle management process, with corresponding cloud software for integrated Perception, Analysis, Patterns, Architectures, and Management (PAPAM) activities.

I worked as a Advanced Technical Management Consultant for the Federal Government and commercial organizations (1995-2016), as a senior manager and analyst in the U.S. DoD Civil Service (1985-1995), and as an Army Officer (in Air Defense Artillery, Logistics, and Management Analysis) (1975-1985).

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physics, and a Masters of Science degree in Systems Management (focusing on the organization as a system).

My areas of expertise are:
• Management as a life cycle process;
• Management Analysis;
• Technical Management;
• Terminology Management (Content Vocabulary Extraction, Term Definitions, Informal Taxonomy/Folksonomy, Formal Taxonomy/Controlled-Vocabulary, Triple Extraction, Modeling from Taxonomy (Process, Data, Knowledge, Value-Chains, Thesaurus/Translators, Dictionaries);
• Technical Communication;
• Enterprise Architecture (EA);
• MetaArchitecture (Extending, Integrating and Unifying OMB FEA, DODAF, and Other EA Metamodels and methods);
• Process Modeling (BPMN);
• Business Architecture;
• Business Process Reengineering (BPR);
• Architecture from Mission to Capability to Resource;
• Macro to Micro-Level Terminology Management;
• Semantic Interoperability for SOA;
• Macro to Micro-Level Unified Organization, Business, Data, Service, Application, and Technology Architectures;
• Proposal Management;
• Macro to Micro-Level Business Analysis and Planning;
• Integrating & Unifying Information Collections;
• Operations Modeling and Improvements;
• Networked Knowledge Organization Schema/System/Service (NKOS) Development;
• Concurrent Management Life Cycles & Controls;
• Customer Relations Training and Consulting;
• All-Relationships (i.e., Value Chain) Management;
• Macro to Micro Management Analysis;
• Engineering Management;
• Enterprise Information Resources;
• Concurrent Strategy/Portfolio/Program/Project Planning & Operations;
• Cost Reduction and Avoidance;
• Complex Change Management (Endeavor Transformation, Renewal, Refinement, Reengineering);
• Facilitative Leadership and Training;
• Meeting Design and Facilitation

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