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I'm basically a (former) Sun Solaris systems engineer who started looking into other solutions when Oracle took over. That resulted in the adoption of Windows Server 2003 which led to more regular use of a Windows desktop instead of Ubuntu Linux with a KDE desktop.

One thing led to another and right now I'm self employed, my business runs completely on Microsoft Office 2010 where administration is concerned and working in depth with VBA has inspired me to look into other Microsoft solutions.

Due to my Solaris experience I've also became quite familiar with Java programming, but recent events involving Java have made me decide to fully move away from it and invest in .NET powered solutions instead.

Picked up VS2012 Professional, hired a 2008R2 server and currently we're well on our way of replacing all of our Java EE solutions with ASP.NET.

The best part about this endeavour is that I actually like using these new environments on a personal level as well.

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