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Hello World,
My name(well, user name) is Taranoshi Nikari.
I am currently 16 (born in 1997). I am interested in
programming computers and creating movies/movie scripts.
For whatever reason I have been born with a talent for electronics.
At home I fix all the electronics(except my dad's AlienwareCannot resolve macro, as no renderers were found.[figures]),
and run diagnostics on my mom's/my computer. I am wanting to
one day setup a few servers using either Ubuntu Server or Windows Server, and maybe a supercomputer. Besides these activities I enjoy doing, I play a few video games every so often. and by the way, I am Taranoshi on minecraft, and taranoshi on Steam(I build maps for
Portal 2). Besides all this, I greatly enjoy designing products. I have sent a few of my designs to a few corporations(by the way, I sent a prototype design to Apple for the iPad MiniCannot resolve macro, as no renderers were found.[I called it the iPad XS], I do not know if they used my design or not, but I hope they did). Thankyou for reading my personal statement, you reading it is appreciated. For those who know Na'vi: Eywa ngahu! For the rest of humantity: Goodbye, have a wonderful day!

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