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I'm a developer from Switzerland.

Even though I've experienced many programming language and doing it "almost a decade", I would still consider myself not on that level of skills I'd like to be.

Long version
I've started with Perl in 2000, extended my experience with PHP (with HTML and first concepts of CSS) and also experimented with .Net in Beta (and 1.0).

Until 2007 I'm mostly programmed as hobby and therefore never had a "really well educated" beginning. Learning from Books (I'm a Oreilly Fan) and Internet. Made some small client apps, some of them with REST Like Implementation.

Since 2007 I'm now a professional developer. First with Progress/OpenEdge (just a bit more than a year) and since 2009 in C# (with Pl/SQL). Now I'm creating small (Workflow Tools) to big solution (ESB/Messaging Services and Interface between different technologies/systems)

So I consider myself as a "practical" Programmer. I know what to do and solve problems and know many traps. Still sometimes I would try to improve my theory/basics knowledge.

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