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My real name is Fabrizio Stellato, I'm a software developer who lives in Italy.

I've decided to improve my C# programming skills developing some kind of software that is often hard to find -as you may wish- free.

My first significant project was Xrns2XMod , a specific format XM / MOD converter used along with renoise, probably the best third generation music tracker ever. ( if you don't know what I mean I guess you are not so much familiar with music trackers and other old software from music composition, so you may take a look to this video)

Following audio project was Audio Pitch & Shift, a media player with several enhanced features like pitch/speed regulation, FX, tag taken from internet repositaries, format conversion and much more.

Once I've received a good feedback for this media player, I've decided to work on Impulse Media Player, a modern Windows version of my previous project written in WPF which take advantages of GPU performance.

Ultimate Music Tagger is a music tagger / rename tool that allows to reorganize user's music library thanks to several elaborated automatized tasks.

Modern Log Viewer is a powerful log viewer. Display log like a table, apply filter, query and show charts all embedded in a modern interface

Pitch Tuner is a skinnable tool to help tuning your instrument

Modern Audio Tagger is the natural evolution of Ultimate Music Tagger with a modern GUI and a semplified command line

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