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Alex Chachanashvili

I am the designer, developer, tester, and curator of AObjectServer project. Started in 1999 as a hobby (and originally intended to be an extension to freeCGI++) and written as a standalone HTTP application server and framework for writing web application quickly and easily using C++ and Microsoft Visual Studio. The actual server is built and executed inside MSVC to allow very easy debugging and development.
I have been writing code since 1981, starting with Atari 400 and Assembler Editor cartridge, then "moving" on to Basic.
In 1987 switching to IBM PC and Borland Turbo C 1.0 and then Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5 in 1992 using MFC 1.0.
In 1996, I learned Java when it was released using Symantec Visual Cafe.
In 2000, I learned Python which is an amazing scripting language.
In 2003, I learned Lua when I was looking for an embedded scripting engine for AObjectServer.

Currently I write code on Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express and Eclipse for Java 1.6; and notepad++ for everything else.

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