personal statement

Programmer is a technology provider. To create tools to help human to have a easy life and thus, creating a better world, this is the purpose of existence of a programmer. The measurement of success is the quantity of people who benefits from it.


Programming has infinite of possibilities...
It discovers new ways...
It crafts and creates things that are not existed...
It breaks and goes beyond rules and practices...
It redefine space and time...
Programmer is another form of artist.
Programming is an art.


Everyone in the world has their own way to success their life. They have their own perception, ideology and values. They have their own life stories to be accomplished.
So do you. You don't have to spend too much time focusing on how others doing things, don't have to be like others or behave like others. Don't spend too much time comparing self with others. Discover your own values. Believe in yourself and your dream. As long as you know what you are doing, you may step out and pursue it.


A person with a lot of weakness, on the hand which also meant that he/she has a super strength/gift.


Computer is an idiot by natural. It's merely following instructions blindly. To have a smart computer, first a smart programmer is needed. Of course, unless one day the computer can start to think, judge and improve....


Hard working programmer will design the program that the user will need to work with it in a hard working manner.
Lazy programmer will design the program that makes the user becomes lazy.

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