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JobObjectWrapper - A .Net wrapper over the Win32 Job Object mechanism
Windows 7 Ribbon Explorer

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TPL DataFlow Debugger Visualizer


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Alon Fliess is the Chief Architect & Founder of CodeValue. CodeValue is the home of software experts. We build software tools, foundations and products for the software industry. We offer mentoring, consulting and project development services. Alon got his BSc degree in electrical & computer engineering from the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology. Alon is also recognized as a Microsoft Regional Director (MRD). Alon is an expert in many technologies, be it Windows internals, C++ Windows programming (Win32/WinRT), .NET with C#, Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing, Internet of Things. Alon spends his time doing many interesting tasks such as software architecting, designing, mentoring and programming. Alon is the author and technical reviewer of several computing books. Alon is an active member of several Patterns & Practices councils, among the them Project Hilo – A Windows Store Application in C++/CX and XAML. Alon is one of the experts in Microsoft Israel community;

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