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Functionally and technically agile with a strong ability to grasp new ideas and integrate them into the desired results that encompass cross-functional expertise in diverse verticals. Possess Capacity and Capability to handle challenges/changes that arise, with a proven history of consistent record of forging strong relationships with clients and key stakeholders of the business.

An Enthusiastic Product Evangelist by nature. Having worked in the DBA field for almost 5+ years, now decided to come and delve into Open Source Projects(Microsoft / Non Microsoft related).

Created The World's first Installable DB2 ISO "DubuntuTKL" based on the TurnKey Linux Open Source Project.

Download it below

Key Achievements:

1) Run a live DB2 Express-C system without installing it.

2) Install it after evaluating it.

3) Use it as a Standalone and Network Database Server

4) Use Clients such as Data Studio to access this Appliance from remote location

Key Challenges Addressed:

1) Eliminiate fear in trying out DB2 without any worries as a LIVE System

2) Ease of autoconfiguration of default usernames and password assignment after installation

3) Can be used a Test - Staging and Production Server

4) Can install multiple DB2 Copies on separate VMs
(also known as Rapid Provisioning)

Created the World’s first All-in-One DB2 Appliance based on Ubuntu, PHP, DB2 Express-C and Apache(All-Integrated), dubbed “Dubuntu”.

I did this on a self development with no additional help / support and created this appliance.
You may have to register for free at to procure the above mentioned appliance.

1) Technical Pre-Sales / Solutions Engineering

2) Solutions Architecture and Consulting (.NET) / Demonstration Capabilities / Professional Services

3) Perform Competitive Research amongst products ( I have been using Google since inception and mastered keyword search and information retrieval)
4) Product Setup / Configurations(CMS – Windows / SQL Server / SharePoint, Joomla and Drupal)

5) Virtualization ( Creating and provisioning VMs – through appliances – VMware and Virtual Box)

6) Author Whitepapers / Create Product Demo Videos

7) Help drive Strategic directions towards Product branding


Virtualization,(VMware,Xen and Virtual PC), VMware Workstation, VMware Player, ORACLE VirtualBox. DBA(DB2,SQL Server and MySQL)

Product Marketing, Competitive Strategy Skills, Product Evangelism and High Power Presentation Skills

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