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I started my IT carreer with my MSX2, C64 and IBM XT's. Finishing my computer science degree was fun, and I enjoyed my internship in the states. After working as contractor for some companies, like the police department of Amsterdam, I joined forces with 2 friends for 4 years on our nearshore and offshore business in Bulgaria and Vietnam ( with great projects, such as the Receipt Handling System for Readers Digest Europe based on Microsoft technologies.

Since 2009 I decided to move in a new direction. I started to work as a contractor for Dutch IT companies and started implementing end-user online services on the Dutch real estate market, see, and During this time frame I also experimented with my first mobile (iPhone) app for the dutch.

Since mid 2011 I joined forces with one of my old collegues and we created our company, servicing our clients with online services like and

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