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Building Modern Mobile Web Apps
Data Access Application Block
Dependency Checker
Enterprise Library Common Infrastructure
Exception Handling Application Block
Image Wall Control for Silverlight
Logging Application Block
ORM Smackdown
patterns & practices - HiloJS: a Windows Store app using JavaScript
patterns & practices - Case Study: TailSpin Windows Phone 7 Survey Application
patterns & practices - Develop Windows Store apps using C++ & XAML: Hilo
patterns & practices – Enterprise Library
patterns & practices - GAX Extensions Library
patterns & practices - Microsoft Azure Guidance
patterns & practices - Smart Client Guidance
patterns & practices - Unity
patterns & practices : Composite Services
patterns & practices Acceptance Test Engineering Guidance
patterns & practices Guidance Explorer
patterns & practices Improving Web Services Security Guide
patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance
patterns & practices Web Client Developer Guidance
patterns & practices: Mobile Application Blocks - Community Release
patterns & practices: App Arch Guide 2.0 Knowledge Base
patterns & practices: Application Architecture Guide 2.0
patterns & practices: Cloud Security Knowledge Base
Patterns & Practices: Composite WPF Contrib
patterns & practices: Data Access Guidance
patterns & practices: Enterprise Library Contrib
patterns & practices: Performance Testing Guidance
patterns & practices: Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications
patterns & practices: Prescriptive Guidance Engineering
patterns & practices: Prism
patterns & practices: Prism Event Aggregator
patterns & practices: Prism for the Windows Runtime
patterns & practices: Prism Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM)
patterns & practices: Repository Factory
patterns & practices: Smart Client Contrib
patterns & practices: Team Development with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server
patterns & practices: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Guidance
patterns & practices: WCF by example
patterns & practices: WCF Security Guidance
patterns & practices: Web Client Software Factory Contrib
patterns & practices: Windows Azure Security Guidance
Policy Injection Application Block
Roids: an asteroids clone for Silverlight and XNA
Semantic Logging
The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript
Transient Fault Handling Application Block ("Topaz")
Validation Application Block
WPF Architectural Patterns Examples

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Open Intel
patterns & practices: Project Silk

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Node.js Tools for Visual Studio


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Hi, my name is Christopher Bennage.

I'm a developer, blogger, and author working for Patterns & Practices at Microsoft.

I like to make things. I'm particularly fond of computers and the Web. I value agile principles and open source software. I also digs this new-kid-on-the-block language called JavaScript.

If you're interesting in knowing more, drop by my blog,

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