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I have no idea what to put as a personal statement. I guess I should say something about the project I'm working on, known as Heroic Adventure! or just HA! for short. Sometimes I go a long time without working on it and then other times it seems like I can't stop. Basically it's a Roguelike game, in the sense that graphics are definitely not the focal point, and there are randomized dungeons and magic and stuff, so it's pretty much never the same game twice.

What else? I'm a Technology Evangelist for Magenic and VB.NET MVP which probably doesn't matter much to some of you, but I think it's pretty darn cool. I love my job, probably a lot more than most of you do.

I'm also terribly saddened by the recent death of Gary Gygax. Without the groundwork he provided, many many things would not exist today... including my game Heroic Adventure! and there would likely be no World of Warcraft, no LOTR movies (certainly not in their current form), a hell of a lot less fantasy movies, probably no Warhammer, certainly no Diablo, etc... If you measure his impact on society solely by what he did in the last 20 years, you are missing the point. That's like saying, sure Thomas Edison invented some cool stuff, but what had he done LATELY? (Ignoring the obvious fact that he's been dead for quite some time.)

Yeah ok, so apparently babbling on about stuff you don't care about is like a personal statement or something. Or maybe you're just bored, but you're obviously still reading this so I guess I'll go on a little longer.

Or maybe not.

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