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ICE- Information Connections Engine


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I'm a 0x17 years old engineer from France. I've begun my formation with a Deug (Bac +2) in IT and science applications and I finished my master at ESIAL (Ecole superieur d'Informatique et application de Lorraine). I'm addict to all new IT things and a kind of "Savant fou" somehow. My English may stay at a terrible level, so be prepared.

I'm used to develope in XML, Xaml, C#, C++, C, Java, CUDA, VHDL, and some other cool stuff. ^^

My Interest list:

Reverse Engineering, new calculation unit (Quantum computers), Augmented reality (Human 2.0), Social Network Analisis, NPID applications, stream programming applications (GPGPU, CUDA), neural network applications,...

"Il parait qu'il existe encore des gens sur terre qui ne savent pas compter jusqu'à 1023 avec leurs 10 doigts."

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