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My name is Craig Sutherland and I am based in Auckland, New Zealand (yes, on the opposite side of the world from most of you).

Currently I am employed as a senior developer for one of New Zealand’s largest hospitals, where I am tasked with both developing and maintaining clinical systems and also overseeing and administering our development environment.

In terms of my experience - I’ve been developing since the good ol’ DOS days (although things were a lot harder back then). I had initially been involved in developing my own graphics engine for building beautiful applications before I discovered Windows - where upon I abandoned my engine and moved into financial applications.

Over the years I’ve been involved in developing systems for banks, insurance companies, a university and now a hospital. Primarily I use C# as a development language of choice, plus a whole raft of web-based technologies (HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, XSL, etc). I also try to keep up with Microsoft’s ever expanding range of frameworks and tools, such as WCF, WWF and ASP.Net MVC (although that’s a tough challenge!)

Recently I’ve become involved in the CruiseControl.Net open source project. I’ve used this tool for many years at different jobs and decided it was time to give something back for all the work the contributors have done.

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