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«The impossible is a word that does not exist in my vocabulary...»

I am programming in various programming languages since I was 14 years old. Today, I am an IT manager and a software architect with a long experience and deep knowledge in the field of computer science and engineering. What distinguishes me, among the others, is the fact that I have a deep understanding in operating systems and programming languages. My point of view is that hard work and creativity in conjunction with knowledge is always more efficient than cleverness. I can adapt very fast in new environments and I have a strong analytical and organizational background which helps me solve difficult problems effectively. I believe that nothing is "impossible". All it takes is to be diverse in order to be able to find other methods for solving a problem. I love my work because I like challenges. Software development has always been a challenge for me because in order to find more efficient and innovative ways to optimize the final results I had to hack deep inside to the core of each application. That is why I find reverse engineering fascinating and one of my hobbies is to reverse engineer patents in order to make them open source and freely available to everyone. Finally, I am an active member of the Open Source Community with three major projects.

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