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I entered the IT field whiles ago, when COBOL and FORTRAN where the dominant languages. In those days, most of the current buzzwords weren't invented yet. I did ERP before ERP was known, and built databases from ISAM files when Database was an academic term. In later years I concentrated mostly in building logistic systems for industrial corporations, until, at the end of the last millennium, I got the position of CIO. The way was not easy: I had to learn many languages and products, most of them are now only names, like dBase and Paradox, to name a few. Some are still with us, like Access and VB, but they have changed a lot.

Then the bubble exploded, and I found myself unemployed, like many of my fellow members. So I had to learn everything from scratch: VB.Net, C#, ADO.Net, ASP.Net and all the Internet junk, and now WPF. I have to ask those fellows in Redmond to stop inventing new buzzwords, like Silverlight and WF. The good news is that a man of sixty can learn, and learn fast when needed. The bad news is that a man of sixty must earn his living too.

I live in Israel, in a quiet village, located in the Upper Galilee.

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