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Gizmox enables enterprises to deliver data centric line-of-business applications in the HTML5 post PC era. Using its innovative award-winning platform and tools, Gizmox allows businesses to reuse, extend and upgrade local desktop applications into the new world of Mobile, Tablets and Cloud.
Gizmox extends the Microsoft VisualStudio IDE with HTML5 rapid application development environment that allows .NET developers to use their existing development skills for native ASP.NET applications that are both Mobile form factors’ aware and Cloud’s scalable and secure.
In addition, using its pioneering Instant CloudMove technology, Gizmox supports enterprise organizations with their quest to upgrade existing portfolio of Windows applications to Web, Cloud and Mobile to support improved application delivery, BYOD internal trends, and lower IT cost. The company offers auto learning tools to convert and re-factor / re-architect existing code into HTML5 at one fifth of the time it would take to rewrite it and one fourth of its average cost. Its Transposition Studio supports the migration of VB6, .NET, ASP classic or Power Builder applications to web, cloud and mobile deployments and enhances business ROI by allowing anywhere any device accessibility to core business applications.

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