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Ivan Sanders has been involved with Microsoft's .NET platform since the early betas and was part of the early adapter program where he deployed Win2k and .NET while most folks were still writing COM & prior to Compaq and IBM having the hard ware drivers (we used beta). Ivan has a deep passion for elegant Architecture, Integration, Software Design, and Deployment. He specializes in SharePoint, .NET, MSF, Agile, where iteration is the key to the holy grail.

Ivan has been writing software since 1987 when on a Compaq Luggable using dBase and the Summer of 87 Release of Clipper he wrote an MRP application that was deployed to 14 Warehouses in Southyern California and uploaded tyhue results monthly to nthe Waang... This was before there were object models and you had to write your libraries.. In addition, Ivan has been an MCSE since 1996, when after being promissed a rate increase to travel around the country with Nestle on their SNOW project, he was denied until after he received jis MCSE 6 Weeks latersince then he has many Microsoft cometencies including the MCTS's for SharePoint. Though his undergrad is in Marketing and Operations he lives to write applications that improve the end users world.

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