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Hi there, I'm Jayke Huempfner. Also referred to as JaykeBird. I'm currently a college student (joined here in high school!) and I've been programming for a good number of years now...

It all began when I was really young and I discovered the macros feature in Microsoft Word. Being the little kid I was, I started making non-sensical macros and then I went into the VBA code and messed them up even more.

As time went on though, I actually started to make sense of the VBA code and could start programming from it. So that's how it all started.

In like 7th or 8th grade, I came across Visual Basic Express Edition 2008, and started messing with that. Again, my programs made no sense at first, but as time went on, and I learned more, I became fluent in Visual Basic .NET.

And the rest is history. ;)

Nowadays, I work primarily in Visual Basic and C#, using WPF, and as well, have some experience with Java and web development. I've also dabbled in C++, Pascal, and JavaScript. As time goes on, I'll learn more programming languages and techniques and my projects will only get better and better.

Currently, I am in the development of an RPG video game called Yuka: Timmy's Adventure. It's being built using both C# and Visual Basic.NET, with plans to port it to Windows desktop, the Windows Store, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

And yeah, that's basically the basics.

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