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My 10.2 UNCLEGED website is posted at


I've customized a few things, but the real meat of the website was provided by the UNCLEGED software.

I've been using Family Tree Maker for 18+ years. It has been consistantly improving through its releases. But this last release in 2010 has me baffled as to why they would remove functionality that was previously provided? Reports and other things provide significantly less customizing options than before. If their next release is the same poor functionally, then I will consider changing to something otherthan Family Tree Maker.

But UNCLEGED is great. Yes, there are a few problems, but it works for me so far. See my website and comment as you wish. But I do wish to learn more of UNCLEGED's planned future. Maybe I missed it, but what is their current release plan? Is it annually or what? From what I can see, the kind folks that supported past releases have gone and new folks have taken over the releases. As a lay person with minimal html & css skills and not a true java or C, etc programmer, I don't understand all the difficulties. But am very interested and say thanks to the past and current UNCLEGED programmer teams for providing what I think is the best genealogy software for the home genealogist. Thanks very much for your offerings and future releases!

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