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John D. Sanders - john@seitmc.com

Dynamic application development professional with over 20 years of impressive history in designing, implementing and maintaining a wide breadth of systems throughout the SDLC. Proven ability to collect requirements; document them and implement them with excellent results.
Languages C#, Visual Basic, ASP.net, WinForms, Access, Perl, FoxPro, Clipper, JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, CSS, various versions of BASIC (Pick, Control, SMC…), shell script, ANT, Lotus Notes

Environments SharePoint Server (WSS & MOSS), SQL Server 2005/2008, Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, .net 2,3,4

Operating Systems UNIX/Linux(various AIX, Solaris, SCO), Microsoft Windows, Windows 2003 Server, DOS, OS/2, Pick, TheOS

Professional Accomplishments
Application Development – 20+ years experience
 Developed custom winforms application that automates the entire front office for DUI Education Providers. (TSQL, C#, WinForms)

 Designed, Developed and Implemented an enterprise application to replace an old ASP application using C#, ASP.net, SQL Server 2005, SharePoint Server (MOSS) and MS Exchange. This application used SharePoint workflow and document management capabilities in an ASP.net application written in C# and supported by an SQL server backend.

 Developed a Donation Tracking system that allowed charitable organizations to track patron donations and provide tax receipts and accountability reporting. This system used C#, SQL Server, n-tier architecture and ASP.net and was converted from an Access DB.

 Provided design and development leadership (hands on) for a customer portal using C#, SQL Server, Fusion Charting Controls to present A/R aging, reprint invoices, and enter trouble tickets. This application drove significant revenue for the company.

 Developed various web sites using ASP .net, C# and JavaScript (

 Developed VB application to augment mainframe BPCS application. This application used DB2 data warehouse technology and allowed the customer to continue to ship orders in event that the mainframe was unavailable.

 Developed Lotus Notes application to create a Sales Force automation system allowing sales representatives to order samples and manage their customer’s offline and, once connected to the network, sync them to the company repository.

 Developed many FoxPro and Clipper applications in the areas of Work Order Vehicle Maintenance, Substitute Employee Maintenance, Church Database Management, Point of Sale.

 Written hundreds of utility scripts in Ant, C-Shell, Perl and korn shell to accomplish administrative or deployment level tasks in an automated fashion.

Application Design – 20+ years experience
 Focused implementation experience in n-tier architecture (SOA, Cloud Computing, Trading Partner Gateway, Web Services) with excellent results

 Led the design and implementation of a Convergent Billing application at AT&T using Java, WebSphere and DB2. This application brought together the 5 separate companies that made up AT&T into a single bill for the customer. This design was so innovative that SBC took it to Billing World and go rave reviews.

Team Management – 10+ years experience
 Led geographically dispersed development teams in China, India, Europe and the US to develop various applications for IBM internally and for IBM customers at dramatic cost savings.

 Provided technical and business leadership to enterprise application development teams delivering high-quality application development projects to customers. When on contract my teams were able to relieve the application development overload from in-house IT staff.

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