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Hi, my name is Jeremy Connell (B.E. B.Sc.), and I am from Christchurch New Zealand.

Ihave been working in Software Development for about 12 years, mostly with Microsoft and .Net solutions and specialising in Asp.Net. I am actively seeking contract work on new projects, including development, training and technical leadership.

I have been particularly interested in developing and refining custom ORM solutions in various forms, typically based on auto-generated classes that inherit from a powerful abstract base class. This has been applied to many large commerical projects, typically involving a range of applications talking to a central database directly or via webservices.

I have found this approach to be of immense benefit in reducing the overall complexity of a team project, by imposing organisation and normalisation of the data. I have also found that by minimising the amount of code, and auto-generating the most of the business layer, I have very effectively reduced the number and types of bugs I encounter in my code.

I am happy to release my tools-of-trade so other developers can benefit, and I am very much open to questions and comments on the codebase.

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