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Jimmy Zimmerman is a technology architect for Microsoft adPlatform. No one is quite sure what he is up to at MS but it is universally assumed to be EEEEEVil, insane, or otherwise hazardous to your health to be around. Once one of his experiments went haywire and resulted in the 14th floor of the Bravern 1 building to dematerialize, hence why the unlucky 13 floors we see today. When asked about the apparent "side effects", he replied, "Side effects? What side effects? You don't perhaps have any limes, do you?"

It is believed he once enrolled in a class in mathematics though it's unknown if he ever attended classes outside of one incident where he exclaimed "You're doing it all wrong", made monkey noises, and climbed out a window to the surprise of the professor. As he has been observed consuming coffee it is assumed he is a biological entity though 3 physicians, when consulted by his coworkers, estimated his caffeine intake at 4 times the lethal dose for a large pachyderm, several Zebras, and a schoolbus of 3rd graders. It is debated by members of the community if he is actually an Xeno Biological Agent or instead a Cross Dimensional Creature that somehow has become stuck here in the Northwest and decided that glaciers are fun.

Currently Microsoft keeps him around in a basement, without stairs, in a locked room with a sign on the door stating, "Beware of Leopards".