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Hi and Wow!!
I started this CodePlex Project after being recommended by someone in the Microsoft Social C# Forums. "What the heck!!" I thought - "I'll give it a go - I've always struggled with c# books and it might be good to get together a bunch of people who are all basically beginners who all aim to become experts in C#". So the idea is we all learn, submit ideas, start discussions about anything to do with c# or programming in general. My first discussion was about how to stay motivated so you can see that it doesn't specifically have to be specifically to do with any c# problem.... every discussion and problem is welcome - absolutely welcome!!

A bit about me, about 3 years I started off as c# Developer - thrown in at the deep end. I needed a Mentor or to go on a course but neither materialised. I have never even studies Object Oriented Programming before - ok I did a course in Java about 10 years prior but all of it was forgotten nearly.

So here we are - we're here to help each other learn c# and with any programming issues we face. I can't think of many places you could go that can provide that.

Its also nice to know that your not the only one who is struggling and that we are all only human and that programming isn't just for people who have to eat, drink and breathe it all the time.

Here is to a bright future - tacking any problems we can with c#, with help from anywhere we can find and tackling them together.

Kind Regards

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