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Jason Milgram


Cloud Messaging

At Linxter, our mission is to make the Internet of Things a secure and reliable reality. With everything around us becoming Internet enabled, it is essential that we have a system in place to securely, easily, and dynamically connect all these things.

That’s why we created Linxter, a cloud messaging platform for connecting all kinds of applications, devices, and systems. Linxter is the next chapter in the evolution of data distribution. What do we add to the story? We leverage the openness of the Internet, but provide the controls needed to ensure secure, reliable, and dynamic communications. We believe this combination of connectivity and control is what will usher in the next generation of innovative products and services.

A software development tool, Linxter allows software engineers to quickly and affordably connect distributed applications and integrate distributed systems.

With Linxter, you can implement secure, reliable data exchange over the Internet for a variety of needs:
  • Systems integration
  • Remote monitoring and control of servers, robots and devices
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication
  • Secure instant messaging and file transfer
  • Smart Grid implementations
  • Multi-player gaming

How does Linxter work?

The Linxter SDK consists of a series of web services we built that utilize a local, encrypted SQLite database. With just a few simple method calls, Linxter encrypts your data, places it in local transactional queues, and transfers it across the Internet through secure, reliable, dynamic communication channels.

Our SDK takes care of many technical issues for you such as message polling, X.509 message encryption, authentication and authorization, dynamic endpoint reconfiguration, Internet connection retries, non-repudiation, file chunking, and a self-managed address book of permitted communication channels, just to name a few. We have spent a lot of time creating these services so you don't have to.

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