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I admit it! I'm a confessed PB "Junkie"...

Like anyone, I started as a casual user (PBv4) in 1995. What the heck is this "DataWindow" thingamabob and why is there a DW Object and a DW Control???

Shortly thereafter, PBv5 was released...and I dove into this new application framework called the PowerBuilder Foundation Classes and wrestled with this little-known approach to object design called "Service-Based Architecture". Then...I inhaled.

Whoo-ooo-ooa! This is so awesome! That's all it took. I was hooked.

I was a PB contractor/consultant/instructor/mentor for about eight years and earned my CPD (Certified PowerBuilder Developer) Associate status for PBv7. A little later, I took a brief hiatus from software development, then jumped back into PB/PFC development with version 10.5.

The majority of my PB development experience is in the Oil & Gas and the Telecommunications sectors on projects ranging from single-person to over 20 PB developers.

I chose to volunteer as a developer on the PFC CodePlex project in order to give back to something that I have found professionaly challenging and personally rewarding.

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