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I started programming about 6 years ago using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications - e.g. Excel, Outlook, etc. - 6 years experience). I can automate almost anything in Excel with programming nowadays and have automated a lot of projects during my career.

At my university, I learned the basics of Java, C++ (some advanced topics), C#, HTML, and JavaScript. I also learned object-oriented programming. I have taught myself the basics of VB.NET and have made a few applications at my job and also some others as a hobby. I am pretty good at object-oriented development and I am reading "Head First Design Patterns" to get better at it. Also, I do a LOT of SQL queries at my job (3 years experience of SQL practially every day) and know how to work with SQL Server using ADO and ADO.NET.

Also, I can read, write, and speak Spanish very well. And not like some people who say "I can understand it, but can't speak it." That's just B.S. They don't really get it. However, I do. I learned Spanish for 4 years in high school (mostly academic stuff). Then after high school I engaged in conversational Spanish for an additional 5 years or so (as a hobby). I have made latin friends who I speak to in Spanish only, which is fun for me. I can help you with localization to Spanish from English.

To summarize:
  • VBA (6 years)
  • SQL (3)
  • VB.NET (< 1)
  • C# (< 1)
  • C++ (< 1)
  • HTML (< 1)
  • JavaScript (< 1)

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