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About me, Joseph Fluckiger:
I tried and failed to create a public Wikipedia page for Joseph Fluckiger. I got the administrator comment: "This person is of no historical or popular interest" (ouch) Oh well, even if Wikipedia thinks I'm of no historical importance, I'm determined to make my mark with SharePoint SUSHI!

My plans for SharePoint SUSHI:
SharePoint SUSHI has become more popular than I had ever imagined. It has been downloaded over 2000 times (as of March 2008). So I plan to continue to improve it and add features and functionality to it. There is an enormous, enormous need in the SharePoint community for software like SUSHI to make working with SharePoint easier, so I am working as fast as I can to meet this need. I'm always looking for help with SUSHI if you'd like to be a tester, write code for SUSHI, or suggest features please post in the sushi discussions.

My SharePoint Career
I am a Senior SharePoint consultant for Catapult Systems which is a great company to work for and they are responsible for the opportunity I've had to learn so much about SharePoint. If you are interested in consulting please let me know, we very busy and are hiring. I've worked on many large SharePoint projects for companies in many industries including Education, Telecom, IT, and many others. Each one has exposed me to a unique part of SharePoint. SharePoint is an amazingly big, amazingly popular product which I expect will only get bigger and better.

My blog
You can read more about me and SUSHI on Joseph Fluckiger's Blog or you can peruse Joseph Fluckiger's web site.

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