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I am a Windows power user, an instructor teaching on the Udemy platform, and I love art, especially designing art. Teaching and making art are my true passions. I really love listening to music, teaching, learning new things, as well as coding. I love playing video games and funny cat videos as well. I also love Udemy because it's the best platform for learning different things by enrolling in many different and amazing courses.

I began using Microsoft Windows when I got my very first computer which was running Windows 2000 at the time. Since then, I have gained lots of experience with using the Windows operating system and I have used every single Windows operating system that was released since Windows 2000 including but not limited to: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the new Windows 8 which was released in October of 2012.

I have been using social networks since 2008. The very first social network that I used was Facebook, which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, and was launched in the year 2004. I then began using Twitter in 2010, followed by Google+ in September of 2011 when it launched to the general public. I also have lots of experience with using social networks as well.

I am currently working on publishing my very first Udemy course to the world which teaches you everything you need to know about Facebook, its features, and how to make your experience with using Facebook the very best that it can be. I expect that this brand-new course will be ready for students to enroll in by the Summer of 2013.

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