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My name is Ki Tsang. I'm working as a Software Enginner at the SharePoint Search team of Microsoft. My features include query web services, authentication, inter-farm federation and relevance. I often do some SharePoint development as night or weekend projects. TagCloud web part for community kit for SharePoint is one of them. I worked on couple of tools for SharePoint search and am also working on a social bookmarking web part when I have time. My goal of doing these products are to help users on troubleshooting, improve relevance of SharePoint search engine and help tuning the search engine to best fit every enterprise, e.g. having a social tagging site for your enterprise can improve search engine relevance because it provides a shorter click distance to a relevant document/site. You are welcome to send me questions about SharePoint search and relevance. I will try to get you answered when I have free time out of my busy daily work schedule. :) I also created two sites to share tips and tricks of using SharePoint search engines for WSS and MOSS at and

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